Today is a special day for me and I am very happy
to share with you the good news!

I am launching my own advertising site:

Auto Submit Genie is a search engine promotion
system that automatically submits any website
to all major search engines and over 700,000
websites and directories.

I am working with the programmer to change the
current website graphics. I already have all
graphics done and we’re just working on the
integration setup so you we’ll soon have it
with a brand new look!

I’ve been planning and working on this for three
months. I was so excited for this day to come and
just I couldn’t wait any longer to launch it 🙂

The system is fully operational and ready to go!

To celebrate this day I want to offer all you who
join in the next 48 hour a very generous discount.

Enter the promo code 48HRLC when you signup and
get a whopping 65% discount on your first month
on any plan you choose. Besides that you also have a
14 days F.ree trial for the Starter plan!

Get on board NOW and be part of it you too!

Thank you for sharing this very special day
with me 🙂

Make it a great day,

Anderson Goncalves

One thought on “ Launch

  1. Well done, Anderson. I am so proud of you and I know your program is going to be amazing for your members – they have a very good leader helping them!


    Janet Legere

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