Today is a special day for me and I am very happy
to share with you the good news!

I am launching my own advertising site:

Auto Submit Genie is a search engine promotion
system that automatically submits any website
to all major search engines and over 700,000
websites and directories.

I am working with the programmer to change the
current website graphics. I already have all
graphics done and we’re just working on the
integration setup so you we’ll soon have it
with a brand new look!

I’ve been planning and working on this for three
months. I was so excited for this day to come and
just I couldn’t wait any longer to launch it 🙂

The system is fully operational and ready to go!

To celebrate this day I want to offer all you who
join in the next 48 hour a very generous discount.

Enter the promo code 48HRLC when you signup and
get a whopping 65% discount on your first month
on any plan you choose. Besides that you also have a
14 days F.ree trial for the Starter plan!

Get on board NOW and be part of it you too!

Thank you for sharing this very special day
with me 🙂

Make it a great day,

Anderson Goncalves

How I Got 2000 Referrals in Prospect Geyser

I am happy to share with you today that I reached the mark of 2000 referrals in Prospect Geyser, one of the programs that I promote and also would like to show you how I made that.

What is Prospect Geyser?

Prospect Geyser is an advertising system that generates organic targeted leads to any website and delivers prospects based on keywords that relate to your specific business. It runs on an advanced rotator technology that exposes the keywords to the search engines and get your site seem by real people who are looking for what you have to offer.

What I built with Prospect Geyser:

– an opt-in list of 2000 people that I can contact at anytime (priceless)
– over $1200 in commissions from Prospect Geyser alone
– income generated by the businesses I promoted with Prospect Geyser
– multiple streams of income generated by the programs in the downline builder (Add-on Tools)
– and much more …

As a GOLD member of Prospect Geyser you can also count with an outstanding support and be part of the “Prospect Geyser GOLD Members group” on Skype where you can meet and share ideas with other like-minded people.

How to advertise and make money with Prospect Geyser:

I joined Prospect Geyser back in November, 2010. It is not my primary business but one of my advertising resources, I have promoted it in several ways along with other businesses I am involved.

My favorite advertising resources are:

– Safelists
– Traffic Exchanges
– Banner Ads
– Text Ads

Safelists are my top pick! If you use them, you can use the ad below which has pulled very well for me:


Subject: Advertise Your WebSite NOW!


Hello members,

Anderson Goncalves here with a great new site for
you from my partner Janet Legere.

Remember Janet? She is the list building queen
creator and owner of Earth Friendly Biz.

Prospect Geyser will generate traffic and leads for
you from Yahoo and Google. These are organic leads
searching for your keyword phrases.

Seriously, you have to check this out!

To grab your free share of the traffic, just go


Sign up and enter the web site you want traffic sent
to. It’s that simple!

Have a profitable day,

Anderson Goncalves


If you’re one of my members in Prospect Geyser or any program, just let me know via my contact form or Skype (my Id is andersongcv) and I will grant you access to my private vault where I share my top advertising resources and strategies.

Make it a GREAT day!

Contact List Builder: Helping You Discover You!

My good friend and mentor Janet Legere has recently announced the relaunch of her program Contact List Builder. Those who know me already know how I started making money online; through the Earth Friendly Biz system owned and operated by Janet and that was where we met.

Contact List Builder – Helping You Discover You!

I am excited with the progress and development of Contact List Builder and I am feeling really good about where we are going.

Did you get a chance to look at the site?

I encourage you to consider joining as a Contact List Builder Founding Member to take full advantage of all the bonuses available now and in the future.

Contact List Builder is still in the infancy stages and we look forward to working closely with you as a founding
member of this great program.

Come learn all about Contact List Builder and its 5 Step Success Plan that is guaranteed to get you into profit with a
directed Focused Plan of Action.

The Contact List Builder 5 Step Plan of Action consists of:

Step 1. Goals and Mindset
Step 2. A Focused Plan of Action
Step 3. Branding You
Step 4. Building Your List
Step 5. Building Relationships and Creating Loyal Customers

As you can see, it covers everything you need to create a successful business using Internet tools and resources to attract loyal customers.

Our focus is YOUR business and I invite you to come and explore why CLB is different and why CLB can and will work for you.

Have a great day,

Success happens when opportunity meets preparedness ..
let Contact List Builder help you be prepared!