Earth Friendly Biz

Brain child of Bram Smith and based on the Downline Secrets program of James Grandstaff, this system is designed to generate business leads. It works phenomenally well. We are SO grateful for Bram’s generousity in creating this system.

Earth Friendly Biz 3 Steps and you’ ready to go!

Step 1

Your visitor registers on the main Earth Friendly Biz affiliate website to receive information about our simple 3-step system

When your visitor fills out the form on page one, you will receive an email notification that you have a new prospect in the system.  If you are an upgraded Home Office Pro member, your new prospect will begin to receive the automated messages from the system.

Step 2

Your visitor learns more about how The Earth Friendly Biz system promotes GDI (Global Domains International), ListJoe and FreeTrafficBar. All three of these resources work phenomenally well when used as part of this system.

GDI: GDI is a domain name and hosting program where you can create your own website.  When your prospect joins GDI and remains active after the 7-day free trial, you will earn a monthly commission.  Your prospect is shown how to use their GDI systsem within Earth Friendly Biz.

ListJoe: ListJoe is an online list where you will be able to advertise your EarthFriendlyBiz website.  Your prospect will join ListJoe and have the opportunity to upgrade (a one time offer or a monthly option).  When your prospect upgrades you will earn a commission.  Your prospect is shown how to advertise their EFB affiliate website through ListJoe.

Traffic Oasis: Traffic Oasis is free to join and test the system. Traffic Oasis is a lead system and we show simple steps to maximize the leads received each month. We also offer 25,000 Free Traffic Bar Ad Credits when someone upgrades their Traffic Oasis account.

Step 3

Once your prospect has joined all the programs they are now directed to the next stage where they become a member of Earth Friendly Biz and get their own free prospecting system.  Your prospect enters their new GDI username, ListJoe username and Traffic Oasis ID number.  As well, they are requested to enter their Primary Business and Business Website.

Once your prospect activates their membership, they will show as a member in your Earth Friendly Biz system and they are ready to learn how to advertise to promote their EarthFriendlyBiz website online.

… and as an Earth Friendly Biz upgraded member you get so much more:

If you are an upgraded Home Office Pro member, your new member is now receiving the automated messages from the system.

Upgrading to Home Office Pro is just $1 for the first 30 days.  If you are not yet a Home Office Pro member, you will find the Upgrade link on the left side menu in the members area.

Now that you understand how the Earth Friendly Biz system works, it’s time to move on and setup you system.

Earth Friendly Biz

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