GVO Compensation Plan – Massive Spillover With No Sponsoring

Some members of my team have been questioning me about the
GVO – Global Virtual Opportunities compensation plan.
To make things clearer I decided to publish this short post
explaining how it works, so you can see the power and the
great opportunity in joining GVO.

Here are the highlights:

2×10 forced matrix

5% commission on EACH of the 10 levels. A full matrix is
2046 people, or over $4,500 per month if every person is
on the LOWEST price-point product package — even if you
didn’t refer ANY of them!
If you referred some of them, you earn 20% of what your
referrals earn too (matching bonuses). This is in addition
to your normal matrix commissions.

For every 14 Titanium members in your organization, you
get another position in the matrix. You can save these up
in a pool and use them (position them) where you want to
and WHEN you want to.

This is great, for instance, if you want to put one of
these “bonus” positions directly under a heavy-hitter you
refer, or if you want to use it as incentive by placing
it under a friend or family member and then start building
it so you build your income AND theirs, or rewarding a
hard-working member in your group by placing one of your
bonus positions under them.

And this is KILLER. If you’re really going to get cranking
and promoting GVO, you will LOVE this. Each month, GVO will
put 10% of company net profits into a bonus pool.

The TOP 20 referrers each month will share in this pool

NOT the top earners, but the 20 people with the most personal
referrals for that month — so even someone BRAND NEW to the
company could potentially hit on this bonus their first month!

If you have not joined GVO yet, don’t wait one more minute!
Click on the link below and signup for just $1 for 14 days:


We are sponsoring a TON of people into this, and the only place
new signups can go is under other members of our team! We can’t
guarantee spillover, but there is a lot of it, and your chances
of getting some is VERY HIGH.

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