Make Money with ClickBank using Commission Maximizer

It’s not everyday that I find a new program that excites to blog about it.

Commission Maximizer is the new brain child of Bram Smith. This is a simple-to-use web site that allows you to maximize the value of every web site visitor.

There are actually multiple ways to earn with Commission Maximizer, and one MAJOR way it helps you convert more sales of what you’re already selling.

1) You earn on highly-targeted Clickbank products while promoting your OWN web site.

2) You earn recurring commissions on referrals, as a byproduct of promoting your OWN web site.

3) You make sales of your primary business.

I have been using 10 Years Of Traffic and other programs created by Bram Smith basically since I started ‘making money’ on the Internet and they are part of my success here. Yes, I had a path of struggle and disappointment until I found the right system and training to finally start making things happen.

Earth Friendly Biz was where I learned the basic skills and strategies for Internet Marketing. That system was developed by Bram Smith for my mentors and friends Janet and Don Legere. So I am living proof that his programs work and they have my thumbs up!

L@@k, here is the link for promoting my primary business with Commission Maximizer.

Whenever I send visitors to that link I have three ways to make money. People can join my primary business, sign up with Commission Maximizer or buy one of the ClickBank products being advertised on the bar at the top of the page.

You can sign up with Commission Maximizer on the link below:

After completing the signup process you will be asked to enter your primary business information and your ClickBank ID.

To your Success,

Anderson Goncalves

P.S. This is not supposed to interfere with what you are already doing. Just keep promoting your business now with your Commission Maximizer link to “Maximize your Profits”! If you don’t have a ClickBank account yet, you can open one at

5 thoughts on “Make Money with ClickBank using Commission Maximizer

  1. Great post and Video Anderson,

    You are truly adopting the idea of becoming a product of your product. Way to go!

    Janet Legere
    Internet Training Expert

  2. A nice and a very newsworthy writing! I am so happy I stumbled your article. Keep up the extrordinary work. Have a fantastic day!

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