Prosperity Rising and Traffic Leads 2 Income added to Earth Friendly Biz

Hi there,

This is a quick update to let my members in Earth Frienldy Biz know that we have two new programs added to the system which will help you with your promotions and list building. They are Prosperity Rising and Traffic Leads 2 Income. Read on to learn more about them.

Prosperity Rising

Prosperity Rising is a tracking and link cloaking program. Owned and operated by Keith Carberry and Peter Marshall. This program allows you to track and protect your links while generating credits every time your page is viewed and that will show your ads throughout the Prosperity Rising network.

So the more you promote your pages using your Prosperity Rising link, more times your ads will be shown to others and that will convert in even more visitors to your website. 🙂

As an upgraded member you can also email over 2000 random Prosperity Rising members every three days.

Traffic Leads 2 Income

Traffic Leads 2 Income is a list building program. Brain child of Rob Gehring, this program is unique and very easy to use. Traffic Leads 2 Income helps you build your list and grow your downline in several programs. You can also customize the downline builder with your own favorite programs of your choice and your new members are introduced to all of them in one place.

Traffic Leads 2 Income works with the top autoresponders out there, such as Aweber, GetResponse, Traffic Wave and GVO eResponder.

As a member of Earth Friendly Biz you probably are a member of GVO too. Traffic Leads 2 Income can be attached seamlessly to your GVO eResponder. It’s very easy to get set up and you are instructed step by step how to do it inside the Traffic Leads 2 Income  members area.

All these programs fit together to help you bring new members to your Earth Friendly Biz System. You can join both Prosperity Rising and Traffic Leads 2 Income inside the Earth Friendly Biz members area (steps 12 and 18). Sign up, set up and start using them!

Not a member of Earth Friendly Biz yet?

Oops, did you click my link for EFB?! So you have just seen Prosperity Rising in action!

If you have any questions please let me know.

Have a great day!

Anderson Goncalves

Is your identity Safe?

Dear friends,

Earlier in January this year I mentioned that I had been a victim of hacking when I had several accounts compromised and also had one of my AOL email accounts hijacked, not to mention the commissions they stole from some of the affiliate programs that I promote.

Well, recently I have been bothered with this thing again. I will not go into further details here, but it seems that there is someone with bad intentions out there targeting Internet Marketers trying to mess up with our business and steal affiliate commissions. Last week they tried to steal my commissions from one of the companies which I am affiliate of and tried to screw up with my inbox forwarding me tons of safelists emails. It took me a while to clean that mess and set up my server to block those messages but it’s all Ok now.

I have already reported this to the authorities and also notified the companies and service providers where I had my accounts compromised about all of this.

Whoever is committing these acts they seem to use some ‘dirty’ tactics to try to hide their identity and they use other peoples information when hacking into someone else’s accounts. I had some of my profiles filled with someone else’s information when I took control of my accounts again. They also use several different PayPal emails to divert money to their PayPal accounts.

It’s just sad that some people instead of going after their own success and happiness in life prefer to damage other people’s success. I just can’t understand that mentality and I fell sorry for them.

I like to make things clear and I thought I should share with you what is happening and what I’ve been doing towards it.

Have a great day,

Anderson Goncalves

P.S. If you have been a victim of something similar what I recommend you to do right away is change you email account password for something unique and don’t use that password with anything else.

Earn more credits surfing traffic exchanges

Recently I came across this super-cool piece of software called “Quick Tab Change” created by Jay Hines that will help you to surf traffic exchanges faster and make more of your time.

It lets you switch tabs just by pressing a key when you are surfing several traffic exchanges at the same time.

I’ve been using it for a week now, and must say I’m impressed.

Surfing is easier, and quicker. You can surf up to 40% more efficiently!

I can tell you it works on Firefox, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome.

The best part is….

You don’t have to pay a dime for this nifty tool that lets you fly through the tabs.

CLICK HERE to download your free copy!

Try it out for yourself. I am sure you’ll find it quite useful!

All the best,

Anderson Goncalves

P.S I use Firefox for most of my Internet tasks but I prefer Google Chrome when it comes to surfing traffic exchanges. I think Firefox uses up so much memory and I have to close my browser and restart surfing every couple of minutes. Google Chrome performs much better on my computer and I can surf as long as I want without slowness.