Finding Network Marketing Success in your Home Business

By Dr. Joe Rubino

The network marketing industry boasts a considerable number of distributors who earn up to $1 million dollars per year while a few individuals even earn as much as this same staggering sum each and every month!

Anyone possessing the self-motivation to stay in action for the long term while willing to be coached to deliberately take on the art of building an ultra-successful networking business can be taught to do so.

Of course, there are many more networkers who earn between $1,000 and $10,000 per month. However, the vast majority who start a network marketing business quit before reaching the levels of success they once hoped to attain upon joining.

As a rule, these people often lack the motivation, effort, training, and personal effectiveness skills to do what is necessary to achieve the incomes they want or they select companies incapable of providing the necessary systems, tools, and structures to champion their success over the course of decades, thus guaranteeing true residual income. Like in other respected professions, those who lack sufficient ambition or seriousness in the pursuit of their business building are destined to give up before sponsoring that “Ace” who will go on to build a lasting networking dynasty. The good news is that anyone possessing the self-motivation to stay in action for the long term while willing to be coached to deliberately take on the art of building an ultra-successful networking business can be taught to do so.

The likelihood of achieving top success in Network marketing is dramatically increased when a number of key elements in place. These include:

•    The Right Network Marketing Company
•    In-demand Products or Services Offered
•    Effective Training, Support Structures, and Systems in Place
•    Top Enrollment Skills and Ability to Create Extreme Value for your Prospects
•    An Unwavering Commitment to Personal Development

The Right Network Marketing Company
Since the 1950s, a set of very specific rules and regulations have been laid down by the courts to distinguish the many legitimate, ethical Network marketing companies from the illegal, often sleazy, pyramid schemes and chain letter deals that have tarnished the entire industry’s reputation and continue to frighten the general public.

It is estimated that there are more than 2000 Network marketing companies in operation today. Many of these companies are small and poorly funded. As a result, there is often a high failure rate with most of these companies going out of business within their first 3 years. Such high turnover by these small and unstable companies has served to give the entire industry a bad reputation. Every time such a poorly managed company fails, so do all its distributors along with it. They are forced to painfully watch as all their past efforts and the organizations they toiled to build dissolve into oblivion. This epidemic underscores the need to select a well-financed, ethical company with an extraordinary product line and sound business plan. When an independent distributor chooses such a stable company to build in, she dramatically improves the odds of her organization enduring into the next century.

In-demand Products or Services Offered
To insure the longevity of the network marketing company you choose to affiliate with, make sure that the products or services offered have true inherent value. Ask yourself, “Would people buy these products if an income opportunity were not attached to them?” Are the products or services fairly priced? Do they meet a legitimate need or are they fad products likely to go out of favor in a short while?

Effective Training, Support Structures, and Systems in Place
If the company is well funded and the products or services are of high quality and in demand, the next place to look is at the company’s training and support structures. Does the company offer quality support materials for sale to assist distributors with their marketing efforts? Are there regularly scheduled training and opportunity calls that distributors can invite their team and prospects to attend? Does the company offer a professionally appearing web site that distributors can duplicate? Does the company have regularly scheduled meetings, conferences, and leadership seminars for associates to attend? Does the company teach an effective, duplicable system such as laid out in my book “The 7-Step System to Building a $1,000,000 Network marketing Dynasty” (Wiley & Sons, 2005)? Are there successful trainers and coaches available in your success line to support you in mastering the art of successful networking?

Top Enrollment Skills and Ability to Create True Value for your Prospects
If all of the above elements are in place, it’s then your responsibility to present a powerful presentation outlining the reasons why your prospects would want to join your team in partnership. I suggest you operate according to the following Golden Rules:

1.    Give up your right to force anyone to do anything just because you want them to do it.
2.    Look to contribute value to your prospects’ lives.

Enrollment success depends upon creating value for your prospect. Is your intention to have your prospect realize that you are offering them some very rich possibilities to explore? Is your belief rock solid and unshakable with regard to the network marketing concept? Are you absolutely convinced of the value of your products? Are you totally sure that you will be successful and that you know exactly how to support others to be successful as well? If the answers to any of these questions is not a resounding “Absolutely!” your prospect is probably sensing that something is missing for you as well. You may be saying the right words, but your energy may give away your uncertainty.

The best way to handle any lacking belief is to get convinced of the value of each aspect affecting your offering. Research the network marketing industry. Be able to distinguish the great companies possessing integrity and the ability to impact people’s lives from the sleazy schemes that won’t be around a few years from now. Be sure your company fits all the criteria of a company you can be proud to represent. Get to know your product line inside and out. Learn and experience the reasons it is extraordinary and worthy of your highest recommendation. Know that the income opportunity is totally sound. Speak with others who have achieved different degrees of financial freedom, thanks to your opportunity. When you are so sure that you made the right choice, you will convey that belief to others through the energy you put forth.

An Unwavering Commitment to Personal Development
Discover what it’s like in your prospect’s world. Ask about your prospect’s family, where he lives, his occupation and passions or hobbies. Be genuinely concerned about who he is and what makes him special. Offer a sincere acknowledgment if appropriate. Make a friend. When you take the time to build the bond before sharing your information, your prospect will be more likely to listen to what you have to say.

Identify what’s important to your prospect or missing in his life. How can you hope to understand what would be of interest to your prospect if you have not taken the time to find out what matters most to him? Where is there pain in his life? What’s missing in terms of money, security, fun, fulfillment or freedom? How might your opportunity address this missing element?

Develop a bond based on mutuality and look to contribute to your prospect in some way. People like to be with and work with others who share things in common with them. The more areas of interest your prospect shares with you, the more likely he is to like you, trust you, and want to be with you.

With this insight regarding some areas in which your offering could contribute to your prospect’s life, you can now make a suggestion or request to support your prospect in taking the next step in the evaluation process. Such a request must be in your prospect’s best interest, not just yours! He must be able to understand your motivation for making the request. In other words, he must trust that you have his best interests at heart, because you’ve taken the time to get to know them.

It will greatly support your likelihood of success if you enjoy the process while understanding that network marketing is a profession that will require learning the fine points around what it takes to be effective and successful. If you approach your network marketing business as a fun and exciting learning experience, while giving up your right to be invalidated when your prospects fail to see the value in your offering, you will possess the proper attitude and mindset to ensure your tremendous long term success.

Dr. Joe Rubino is an acclaimed Network marketing and personal development trainer, life-changing success & life-optimization coach & best-selling author of 11 books in 19 languages. He offers personal and leadership development programs to maximize happiness, self-esteem, communication skills, productivity and personal effectiveness. To subscribe to his FREE newsletters, learn more about his life-impacting coaching, and courses or to read about his life and business impacting books, visit and to claim a free gift valued at $129, visit

Source: Home Business Magazine – 08/21/09

4 Ways to Eat Your Fear

Just a ton of lessons I want to share with you from this morning’s experience. Here are my best 4:

1. Staying within your comfort zone-whether on a mountain or within a life-is sort of a waste of time. Why? Because though you’re not frightened, you’re also not growing and improving.

2. Don’t let your mind keep you small. As I climbed closer to the peak and the air got thinner, my mental chatter grew louder. “What if you fall off this mountain?” “Maybe you’re not good enough to ski this.” “You could be in trouble up here.” I just switched it off and got down to business. Just focused on getting to where I needed to go. Most fears are just a bunch of lies you’ve sold yourself anyway. So I refused to buy them.

3. We each have our own Everests. Maybe you’re facing a business challenge. Maybe you’re going through some really hard personal time. Maybe you’re just in a place where nothing seems to work. Don’t back down from your Everests because climbing them will take you to your next level of leadership and humanity. They are such precious gifts. Embrace them.

4. Reward the Win. I’m trying to eat at peak. But when I got down, I scored myself a “Mountain Chocolate Muffin”. Sure, it may not have been the best thing for my body. But it definitely was the best thing for my soul. As I ate it, while sitting out on the deck overlooking more peaks, I celebrated my win. That reward anchored me to the positivity of tackling hard things. So now I’m ready for the next one.

Few things feel as good as doing something that challenged you deeply versus running back to comfort. I beat some fear this morning, bumped up my ski game and can’t wait for the next opportunity. To stretch, reach and grow.

by Robin Sharma – 07/28/09

Article Marketing For Newbies: Getting Started

Article marketing has attracted a growing following as a legitimate work from home business opportunity. Many people recognize this online venture for its consistency, low capital requirements, and availability to anyone willing to take time to write. Even people with no classical training as a writer can jump into this business and turn profits. While the profit margin is lower than what some schemes report, profits are more consistent and correlate better to the amount of work put into the business.

Getting started with article marketing is also much easier than with other businesses. You do not need to create your own website or business plan for this venture, you simply need to write. This can save an incredible amount of time in start up and opens the playing field to people who do not know how to create websites or design pages.

The first step to success in article marketing is to search out what topics are most interesting to people right now. The money you make will depend on the links to your article, how many people view your article, and sometimes on how much you can sell your article for. It is essential to write about topics people are interested in. Current hot topics include home businesses, different types of marketing, and ways people can supplement their current income. If you have interesting or new spins on these topics, you could make second income writing about them.

The second step to making article marketing work for you is to get busy writing. Set reachable goals for each day, for example aiming to write five articles a day. Each article will help you to practice formulating thoughts and structure.

The third step is to research and utilize article directories or freelance sites to get your articles circulating and making money for you. Some people contract with a particular site or their article writing, while others post articles to many boards. Whichever route you choose, understand their article needs and the process by which they pay their writers to eliminate unhappy surprises.

Finally, even after you have written articles and gotten them online, continue to research. Quality information can make up for lack of writing talent or training in many cases. Keeping up on trends in information and in search requests will help you to formulate your writing plan and optimize your time for the articles most likely to sell.