If you are ever down… this will cheer you up!

Hello everyone!

Today is Monday and I have just arrived in the office,
it is a nice beuatiful morning here and before I start
my day at work I would like to share with you this e-mail
I received from Colin Klinkert & Frank Bauer Co-Founders
this of ViralUrl.com this Sunday. This e-mail is about the
law of attraction, maybe some of you have already heard
about it or read the book “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne.

I have the book and the DVD at home and I always love to
watch it when I am felling down, it really helps me fell
better. If you have five minutes, just read the e-mail below
and click on the link to watch the two minutes video clip on
YouTube. I really hope you enjoy it.

Have a great week!

Anderson Goncalves


From: Colin Klinkert & Frank Bauer
To: anderson@andersongoncalves.com
Date: Sun, Aug 30, 2009 1:01 pm

Hi Anderson,

You are trying to make a living online or at least earn
some extra bucks, right?

Some days go great, other not so much... I am sure you
know what I mean.  Sometimes we all just need something
that cheers us up.

For those days I have found just the right thing.  🙂

Rhonda Byrne, executive producer of The Secret says:

"Abundance and riches on all subjects - including
 health, happiness and wealth - are your rightful

 To claim your wealth using The Secret, The Secret
 Team has created a powerful visualization tool to
 help you attract riches into your life.

 The Secret to Riches tool will powerfully focus
 your mind on riches. It has been intentionally
 created so you will receive the maximum benefits
 through the law of attraction.

 To experience the full power of The Secret to
 Riches, be sure to read every word and feel it as
 much as you can.

 Believe and know that riches are yours, and feel
 the feelings of having them now. The more you can
 feel it, the more power you will add to bring it
 to you.

 There is no limit to the amount of times you can
 experience The Secret to Riches tool. Every single
 time you watch it, you will be deliberately
 focusing all your energy and powerful attracting
 thoughts on magnetizing riches into your life.

 The Secret to Riches visualization tool was
 inspired by one of the great wealth teachers from
 The Secret, Bob Proctor.

 Bob travels the world teaching millions how to
 bring riches into their lives, through his books,
 seminars, and his coaching programs.

 In honor of Bob Proctor, and of all The Secret
 master teachers, we give you the gift of The
 Secret to Riches visualization tool.

 Just click the link below.

 You can also download it to play over and over,
 and send it to your friends and family.

 The Secret Team powerfully intends that this
 tool will bring you riches beyond your wildest


We expect to hear miracles of riches!"

I HIGHLY recommend you download that video
as I have.  It's a fantastic tool to get you
up and running at times you feel down.

I love it!

There is no cost to get this great 2 minute
visualization video... don't wait and get it
now at:


'Whatever the mind can conceive and believe... it can achieve.'
 Napoleon Hill, Think & Grow Rich

To your success,

Colin Klinkert & Frank Bauer
Co-Founders of ViralURL DOT com

Creating a Checklist and Organizing Your Day

This post is on what I have learned this last Saturday on the Earth Friendly Biz live training call. The subject of this training was about creating a checklist of things you have to do to keep your day organized and accomplish your goals.

Many people still didn’t develop the habit of writing their tasks and goals down on a piece of paper and what happens is that they usually don’t know what they have to do in a particular day or week and end up forgetting to do all those little but important things that will you lead them to success.

There’s nothing difficult in creating a checklist, on the contrary this will help you make your life easier. Below I list some steps you can take to create your to do list and organize your day:

1 – Chose a method that is best for you, it can be a simple notepad, a electronic gadget or a computer software.

2 – Take notes as you go along your day and write down your tasks as you remember them even if you have to do this the next day or next week, write it down immediately.

3 – Check your schedule everyday in the morning or the night before and prioritize what you have to do.

4 – Stick to the first thing on your list and don’t move on until it is done. In case you really need to put it off because you have something more important to do, that’s Ok, but get back to it immediately as soon as you can. Don’t postpone your tasks day after day, this will give you a feeling of not getting things done and not being accomplishing your goals.

5 – Striketrhough your tasks as you complete them. In the end of the day, if you have accomplished all of the things you had planned to do, this means you are achieving your goals and are in the right way to success.

6 – Once in while stop and review everything you are doing. Think about your long term goals and what you have to do now, then establish a plan of action and write down everything you need to do daily that will lead you to reach those goals.

These are just some simple steps you can use to organize your day and make your life easier. As I said you can choose the best method that works for you, it can be a notepad, a electronic agenda or a computer software.

Giant Rotator Drives Traffic to Your Website for FREE

Hi, today I would like to share with you this new Giant Rotator that I am using and that has helped me get tens of signups in my business until now.

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Have a profitable day,

Anderson Goncalves