Systems Work, People Fail

Anderson Goncalves here, today I would like to write a
little about all the good things that have been happening
to me during the last few months and how following a good
system can help you achieve what seemed to be impossible.

Some of you have been with me for a while now and have seen
how I progressed from the moment I found these two systems
Earth Friendly Biz and The New Rich Report.

I have been following all the instructions outline in these two
systems. In my opinion what sets these two systems apart
from the others out there is the step-by-step training, I have
been online for 10 months now and nowhere else I could find a
system that provides such an outstanding Internet Marketing
training as these two systems do. I learned everything from
how to use traffic exchanges to set up campaigns with

When you follow a system like these and you put your focus
on it, you just have one direction which is “Success”, it
might take some time until you reach your desired goals,
but remember that success doesn’t come from a one time event
or overnight, it takes time and work.
The secret is to set your mindset correctly and believe you
can do it, believe you deserve it and be persistent. Don’t
allow yourself to be distracted with other things when it’s
time to work on your online biz.

What happens sometimes is that people don’t allow themselves
to learn and don’t believe in their own capacity to succeed,
this leads one to the opposite direction “Failure” and than
they put the blame on the system or anyone around.

So if you’re looking for a proven way to make money online
you just found it!

Sign up with the New Rich Report today and get full access
to the best Internet Marketing training for free.

And remember, you get my help too!!

To Your Success,

Anderson Goncalves

2 thoughts on “Systems Work, People Fail

  1. Great Job! I saw your video at Janet’s website and i love how open and endearing you are!

    Wishing you much success in all your endeavors, buddy!

  2. Thank you so much Jazz! It’s being a long journey of learning and self-discovery. I think one of the best things of all of this is the awesome people I am connecting with and new friends I am making that give me strength to keep moving forward.

    Happy Holidays!

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