Is Knowledge Power?

I am excited to share with you this post by Devlyn Steele from Tools To Life. This answers one of the most common questions I hear from people here on the Internet. Many times I hear people say “I have READ everything in the system/training but it’s not working…”, but then when I ask what ACTIONS they are taking to use the knowledge they’ve learned in their favor, they simply  say “nothing” or don’t reply at all. How can someone expect to make something work if THEY don’t work toward what they say they want. Just keep reading the post below…


Peter was particularly a bit sad and thoughtful this morning.  He was slumped on the couch hurt sad and lonely.  The woman he was currently dating told him that she was done. I asked him, “Peter, what is it that you want now?” He said, “I want to be in committed relationship. I want to have kids and get married.”

I said, “No you don’t.”  The words came as a surprise to Peter who objected, “How can you say that, that is what I really want and I know I am ready.”

I said, “Peter, that might be what you feel you should be doing, or maybe it is on some level what you have always imagined for yourself, but your behavior does not equal up to that outcome.” He anxiously replied, “How so?”

“Peter” I said, “Imagine you are a trainer and a client begins with you by saying that they want to get in great shape, but the client didn’t want to change his or her diet or work out regularly. What would you think?” Peter replied, “I would think the client was being unrealistic and that they could never get in shape that way.”

“Peter” I said, “Do you think that your behavior is matching the results you say you want?

That is the question I have for everyone, do your actions match the results you say you want? I have clients each and every day tell me what they want.  Regardless of what people say they want, if behavior does not equal getting those results then the change will not materialize.  I often find that people know what they should do to create changes that they want, but do not apply the action.

If we don’t change, we don’t grow. If we don’t grow, we aren’t really living.
-Gail Sheehy

We study about how to create success in order to change circumstance in our lives. In order to do that the real goal is to change what you are currently doing. After all if you continue to do what you have been doing, then how can anything ever change?

If you want to lose weight, but continue to eat and exercise like you always have, you are not going to lose weight. If you want to have more money, but continue to earn and spend the same, once again your circumstances will not change. The same holds true with your relationship life, if you approach it the same way nothing will change.

“Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do.”
-Johan Von Goethe

There are many books and people that will give you good advice.  The question is how do you actually apply it. Advice only can help you if you apply it!   You do not change your circumstances by getting great advice or even knowing what to do.  There is only one way to create change, and that is to apply action.

I always tell my clients that the old saying, “knowledge is power” is wrong.  Knowledge is not power, it is potential power. Use of knowledge is power.  It is like a parked car with a full tank of gas.  The gas is idle without power until the ignition is turned on. Learn what you need to do to create change and fill your car up with the gas of knowledge. Then turn on your ignition so you can literally drive to the destination of your choice. Then your knowledge will have power.

Devlyn Steele is the founder and creator of Tools To Life, this Life Coach has a personal mission and passion to help people improve their lives. He believes 100% in your ability to create the life you want. He and his team are therefore incredibly excited to release the first online Self-Development program, Tools To life. It’s a fun and community supported roadmap you follow to get where you want to go.