How to Build Your List Giving Away Free Reports

Today I want to share with you this simple but efficient strategy that you can use to start building your list by giving away Free Reports. People love to get instant access to information that can solve one of their problems and if you are the one who can provide them with that you are on your way to building a big responsive email list.

You probably know that a contact list is one of your most important business assets. Once you have a list of prospects who are interested in what you have to share and you consistently provide them with valuable information that will make their lives better, they will begin to know, like and trust you. When that happens they will be much more comfortable in buying from you.

Capturing leads may not be so easy if you don’t know how to do it correctly. With all the spamming out there people are hesitant to give out their contact information on any web site. The best way to persuade your prospect to opt in to your list is to offer a free but valuable piece of information, such as a free report with information on a specific topic that catches their interest. Just let me share with you what I mean by that.

Below I have two lead capture pages targeting different niches. The first one is targeted to Internet marketers who use safelists for advertising, those people are interested in learning how they can save time and use their safelist credits efficiently to promote their websites.

Here is the free report called “Safelist Marketing Tactics” that I promote on Safelists:

On Social Networks one of the products that I discretely offer is a free ebook providing information on Network Marketing as an incentive to get prospects to join my list in exchange for that free report.

This is the free report called “Prosperity Rising” that I promote on Social Networks: (That was one of my first videos lol)

There are many websites out there where you can find reports that you can brand and give away for free. You will need to do some research according to your niche. You can also create one by yourself or hire someone to do that for you. Just make sure that the content of your report is something of value to solving one of your prospect’s problems.

If you enjoyed this post share it with your network, they will thank you for that!

Make it a great day 🙂

How to create a lead capture page

A lead capture page or a squeeze page is web page with some relevant content that will entice people to give you their name and email address in exchange for some valuable information.

For this is example I will be using a PLR ebook called Safelist Marketing Tactics by Jerry Iannucci. I was clicking for credits the other day and an ad for this ebook caught my attention. I signed up, downloaded the ebook and I was excited with what I had just found. Since most of my subscribers and blog visitors are quite familiar with safelists I thought it would be something I could share with you and the perfect product to use for this demonstration, so you can copy the same system that I am about to show you and use it to build your list.

I recommend that you download and ready this ebook. What I am about to show you is just an example of what you can do and you will find a lot of tools and tips inside Safelist Marketing Tactics that  you can use to design your own lead capture pages.

At the end of this you will have your own lead capture page just like this one:

Before we start make sure you have the following tools in place:

– Your Own Domain and Hosting Account
– Autoresponder
– HTML Editor
– FTP client program

Here is where you can get all these tools if you don’t have them yet:

– Your own domain, hosting and autoresponder all in one place
GVO – Global Virtual Opportunities – Set up your account for just $1 for 14 days!

– HTML editor

–  FileZilla (FTP client)

When you have all the tools and tools above you can download the Zip file below with the ebook and the template files that we are going to use later to set up our page. Save and unzip this file in your computer.

Click Here to download

Now that we have all the basic ingredients handy let’s roll up our sleeves!

I recorded this video to give you a hands on demo how to do this:

1 – Edit the lead capture page with your details and opt-in form

Load NVU and click on File / Open File. Go to the directory where you unzipped the files, locate index.htm and click on Open.

You need to replace my name where it says “- Brought to you by Anderson Goncalves” and my website at the footer.

I am not going into “how to create an opt-in form” because that may vary depending on which autoresponder you are using. If you are using GVO eResponder that’s a very simple and easy thing to do and you can go here if you need instructions on how to do that. I am going to show you where you need to paste your form code.

Still on NVU click on the “Source” tab at the bottom of the screen and locate this portion of the text:

<form method=”post”
name=”Campaign” value=”Safelist Tactics” type=”hidden”><input
name=”FormId” value=”16003″ type=”hidden”><input
name=”AffiliateName” value=”andersong” type=”hidden”>
<table align=”center”>
name=”FullName” type=”text”></td>
name=”Email” type=”text”></td>
<td colspan=”2″
align=”center”> <input
value=”YES! Let Me Download Now!” type=”submit”></td>
src=”″> </form>

This is the portion you are going to replace with your autoresponder form code!

When you are done click on the “Normal” tab to check if your form is showing up correctly.

Everything looks Ok?! Then click on the “Save” button and close NVU.

2 – Setting up your autoresponder opt-in and follow up messages

2.1 – Your opt-in message (the email people will receive to confirm their subscription)

Subject: Safelist Tactics ebook. Please confirm your request.


Hello %%SubscriberFirstName%%,

Thank you for subscribing to receive your
Free Safelist Marketing Tactics eBook.

Please click the link below to confirm your
subscription. Your download link will be
sent right away after your confirmation.


Have a great day,

Internet Marketing Expert

2.2 – Follow up message with the link for download

Subject: %%SubscriberFirstName%%, thank you! Here is your download link…


Hello %%SubscriberFirstName%%,

%%FullName%% here.

Thank for subscribing to get your free copy of the Safelist
Marketing Tactics eBook!

Here is the link to download your eBook:


I am confident you will benefit from this eBook.
The strategies taught inside are priceless.
I can’t believe it’s free!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

To your Success,

Internet Marketing Expert

Obs.: The tags above will only work with the GVO eResponder. If you are using another one you will need to replace them.

3 – Upload the files to the web server

Open FileZilla and connect to the web server.

Go the directory “public_html” or “www”, locate the folder named “safelisttactis” on your computer that you unzipped in the previous step and upload it.

Now go to: http://YOURDOMAIN.COM/safelisttactics and check if the page loads up correctly.

YES? Bingo, you’re done!

Just test it before promoting, subscribe and see if you receive the automated messages.

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed doing it. If you have any questions please fell free to leave a comment and I will be glad to help.

Have a great day!

Anderson Goncalves
Internet Marketing Expert

P.S. I wrote a series of follow up letters to promote other safelists to the subscribers of this list. If you use GVO eResponder you can snatch it from me using the following shared campaign code 7910b4bFaf3C just make sure you modify the letters with your own affiliate links.  😉

IMPORTANT: Although this ebook is free and can be given away, it is rebranded with my affiliate IDs. You can get your own rebranded copy by signing up with Safelist Marketing Tactics for just a low one time payment.