Second Income Coach

Second Income Coach is a Funded Proposal and Funded Sponsoring System created by Gerry Schroeder, an experienced Top Network Marketer and coach. Whether you are an Internet Marketer, Network Marketer, MLMer, Direct Sales Associate, Affiliate Marketer, Small Business Owner or a total Newbie, SIC was made for you.

As you may already know I’ve been using the Earth Friendly Biz system created by my mentor and good friend Janet Legere for a long time and I just love that system. Earth Friendly Biz training focuses on developing Internet Marketing skills and list building strategies and it soon merge with Second Income Coach to become one complete system and will be the perfect marriage of Internet Marketing and Network Marketing.

Second Income Coach has has a downline builder which allows you to introduce your new members to your programs and guide them with complete instructions on how to use them. And that creates what we call duplication. From the moment you log into the system you know exactly where you have to go and to do next. No guesswork, it is all there for you!

Second Income Coach is the new way to grow your primary business and develop multiple streams of income.

No matter what business you are doing, SIC will help you profit more!

You will learn how to develop:

* SIC amounts of Website Traffic
* SIC List Building Skills
* SIC Advertising Cashflow
* SIC Leads
* SIC Marketing Skills

You can get an account today for free, just click on the banner below to go my SIC site and get started. Once you are in the members area, check out all the features and benefits of being a GOLD member and consider the upgrade, you’ve only got to earn!

Happy marketing,

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Prosperity Marketing System