Maryanne Myers Launches Micro Email Ads

Today I am excited to share with you a brand new advertising site from Maryanne Myers which launched only 2 days old and has now over 2000 members already. It’s called Micro Email Ads.

I am very picky when it comes to joining advertising sites and I can tell that Maryanne is the owner of many successful marketing sites with over 12 of experience.

Micro Email Ads a totally new way of having email advertising, getting traffic through a “traffic exchange” AND making the bucks $$’s without so much time consuming effort.

By using the brand spankin’ new technique of the —> Email Surfer <—


– You only receive 1-4 emails a day (not 100’s!) and you only need to click ONE EMAIL AD = WOW!
– Using Micro Email ad technique, cut OUT the email ad load.
– Get unlimited visitors
– No “surf ratio’s”
– No “credit” assigning
– No limit on Traffic
– Not a time consuming task
– Make a ton of cash telling others

Maryanne’s sites always bring me impressive results and this couldn’t be different. I’ve got over 300 hits to my page yesterday, 400+ today and lots of subscribers to my list.

You’ll see what I mean, go TODAY!

Yours in Success,

Organic Leads like Google and Yahoo Pay-Per-Click for Free

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If you are doing safelists and Traffic exchanges, great, but you need these kind of leads too.

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So this is easy, do it.

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