Your list, your most valuable asset online

This week began with a (in)famous payment processor causing a huge headache to Viral Mailers and Traffic Exchange owners. This payment processor (better not even mention their name here) is freezing all the accounts linked to Viral Mailers and TEs and, if that was not enough, freezing the accounts of ANY sites that have this kind of programs in their downline builder.

From their attitude it seems that they have grown so much that they no longer care about small businesses. Don’t they know many of these Viral Mailers and TEs have been online for so many years and are owned by trustful and honest people? Of course they do! But they chose to move forward with severe wrath and without even warning or giving a deadline for owners move to another payment processor.

If there is something one can learn from this is the importance of building a list.

It is true that business opportunities come and go and now  we also know that a payment processor can decide to shut down your business anytime they want without reason.  In this case, if you don’t have a list, you risk losing your income overnight in case something like this happens. But there is something no one can take from you, your list!

When you focus on building your list you are building a business no payment processor can take away from you.  If a program ceases to exist or a payment processor shuts your site down, you just lift your head up and move forward because you have a list that can make you an income for as long as you are in this internet marketing world.

So it is time to lather, rinse, repeat, focus on you building your list!

To your success,

Anderson Goncalves

P.S. My favorite program for building my list is the Prosperity Marketing System.  You can build absolutely any business and earn multiple income streams from the affiliate programs of your choice.

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