How to Get More Done as an Internet Marketer

Are you new to internet marketing? If so, you may want to improve your time management. So, how can you do so?

Realize that time is money. Time is money is a common phrase that you may hear all the time; however, it is very important to an internet marketer, such as yourself. Why? Because your ability to manage your time and market a website, product, service, or blog will have a direct impact on your income generated. For example, do you sell products on your website? The more traffic you generate with marketing, the more sales you will receive.

Do not let your computer be a distraction. As you can gather, internet marketing involves using the internet. Yes, it is your job to use the internet, but you must use it properly. Unfortunately, distractions are common when using a computer. For starters, computers come preloaded with games. There is also the internet factor. These are many interesting websites online, as well as fun instant messaging programs. Enjoy these things in your free time, but not during work hours.

Eliminate your distractions. As previously stated, playing games on a computer or using instant messaging programs can be a huge source of distraction. For starters, do not use them. If your willpower to stay away isn’t strong enough, disable these programs or entirely delete them from your computer.

Since most internet marketers also work from home, it is important to eliminate distractions in the home. When not working, do housework to have a clean and professional workspace the next day. Do not watch television or answer the phone when working. These tasks will disrupt your work, hindering your ability to market and make money.

Research. Unfortunately, many new internet marketers make the mistake of believing that research is a distraction or a waste of time. It isn’t. As an internet marketer, you need to stay up-to-date on the latest happenings online. If you don’t, you may miss out on the “hottest,” way to market a product or service online. So, research. With that said, make sure research is all you do online. If you visit an internet marketing forum, ask questions if you need help, but avoid socializing or personal conversations.

Brainstorm and create a plan. Whether you are a new internet marketer or an experienced one, you should already have marketing ideas running around in your head. This is good, but what should you do with those ideas? Brainstorm and create a plan. A good example involves taking your ideas, prioritizing them, and creating a daily to-do list or schedule. For example, your first task could include updating a blog with a link to your website. Task number two could include choosing a product to give away in a marketing contest, and so forth.

Execute the above mentioned plan. Once you have a list of internet marketing tasks to complete, get to work. Remember, it is important to stay focus and on task. Work on crossing items off your to-do list. Avoid distractions, such as surfing the internet, checking your personal email account, or watching the television in the background. By focusing only on your list of things to do, you can get more things done as an internet marketer.

Outsource when you fall behind. Whether you fell behind due to poor time management or if you just have too many tasks to complete and not enough hours, seek help. That help can come from a qualified outsourcer. Who you hire will depend on the task you need completed. Do you want to design a banner for a link exchange? Hire a graphic or web designer. Do you want to write articles for article directory submissions? If so, hire a freelance writer.

In short, there are many ways for you to get more done as an internet marketer. The best way to see success, which should include extra income, is to work on your time management skills. Do you see a problem or distraction? Eliminate it as an issue and focus solely on the tasks at hand.

3 Simple Strategies to Deliver Good Content

Hi everybody!

I am back to blogging after some long-time break … BUT, now I am back to do things a little bit different than I used to. If you follow me for a while you know that I have no problems writing but I was always kinda of uncomfortable in front of the camera and that is something I am now working on improving. So please, don’t mind I stuttered a bit in the video ok?! I guess I should have done a video with bloopers I made before the final version LOL =D

I recently started working with an amazing team of online entrepreneurs that are propelling me to move forward and challenge myself to step out of the comfort I had fallen into. I am so excited about where I am headed and I am on a mission to help as many people as I can to change their lives for the better both financially and healthy.

Providing you with GREAT content is one of my commitments to you, so let’s get down to today’s article …

One of the key components for effective content marketing is to find out who your audience is. Think about what a waste of time and effort it would be to deliver your content to the wrong audience. That is why you need to know the wants and desires of your target audience.

For effective content marketing, you should focus on creating content that answers the questions of your targeted audience and makes them willing to come back for more. It may sound like “it is easier said than done” but it is not that complicated if you follow these three simple strategies to find out more about your audience.

  1. Who Is Looking for Your Product?

The first step in determining your audience is learning about your product and who is looking for it. Does your product solve the needs of your audience? What is it that you are offering? Are you selling a business-to-business product or service such as web hosting or a business-to-consumer such as health and wellness programs? Once you answer this question you can have a better idea of who is looking for what you are offering then you move on to the next step.

  1. Get to Know Your Audience

Ok, so now that you identified the target audience for your product it is time to get to know them better. If you want to create content that is appealing to them, you need to find out more about their lifestyle, income, location, education, wants and needs. Every little detail that you know about them will help you create better-targeted content that they will be interested in.

With that in mind, you can start to create what is called “audience persona” which is basically a snapshot of your prospects or customers, including their basic details and interests. Once you create your audience persona you can have a better insight about the content you should create because it is as if you had your audience right in front of you telling you what they want to hear.

  1. Explore the Power of Social Media

Nowadays, social media has become an unlimited source of information for you to learn more about your audience, their likes, dislikes, social trends and much more. In just a few minutes a day, you can identify what your audience is talking and curious about. That gives you a glimpse of ideas for creating new content that is hot and that will create engagement with your audience.

These simple strategies will help you get to know your audience better and create content that is accurate and appealing to them. This will not only keep your current audience engaged and asking for more but will also attract new potential customers interested in your products or services.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed it! I look forward to bringing you more valuable content very soon … subscribe to my list so you don’t miss out on anything! 🙂

How to Create a Lead Magnet Funnel

This Saturday morning I attended a live NowLifestyle webinar with our hosts Daniel Kump and Oana Temian on how to create a Lead Magnet Funnel …

Not sure what that is? That’s ok! After watching the recording you’ll know everything about it! 😉

I was already familiar with lead magnets but what I’ve learned in this webinar showed me that it can be a way more powerful tool than I thought it was. I guess the point that I was missing is the branding factor,  creating something of your own makes a huge difference for you to stand out from the crowd and get people to know, like and trust YOU.

Here’s the webinar recording and, believe me,  you’ll want to watch it till the last minute!

I hope you enjoyed and learned a lot from it as much as I did! And YES, I am on my way to creating my own eBook very soon that I will use as a “magnet” for my funnel. I can’t believe I haven’t done this before,  as you’ve seen in the video it’s easy and anyone can do it.

Priceless trainings like this is what you get as part of being a member of our NowLifestyle Team.

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